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Four Reasons for Using a Professional Floor-Polishing Service

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Polishing a timber floor can make a huge difference to the appearance of a room. Although it is possible to hire or buy the equipment, there are sound reasons for hiring a professional service to polish your floors.

Inspection of floor

Firstly, if there is any damage to your floor, you may find you are making things worse by polishing it. Small holes or scuffs can be filled in, but larger damage such as broken floorboards, damp or termite damage will need to be repaired before the polishing process can begin. A professional service will be able to inspect the floor and advise you on any work that needs to be done before the polishing can start.


Secondly, a professional service will know what type of polisher to use on your floor. You only have to look at the vast amount of polishing machines on the market to realise that some are more suitable for some surfaces than others. Alternatively, the best equipment for your floor may not be in your price range. In addition, you may also not know how to choose the best finish for your floor. A polishing service will be able to match your floor with the right machine and the right polish.


A third reason is that a professional will be well practised in the art of polishing. No matter how careful you are, you could easily find yourself missing part of the floor. You may also not notice nails that need removing or holes that need filling, which can have a negative effect on the final result. Further, it will likely take you more time to do a good job than someone who has a lot of experience of polishing — time you could be spending with your family or on more productive tasks.

Guarantees and insurance

Finally, you should think about what will happen if things go wrong. It is very unlikely that a professional service will damage your floor, but they will guarantee the work and will have the necessary insurance to put things right if there are any problems. If you damage your floor — which is much more likely — you will have no choice but to put it right yourself, which could be expensive and may involve bringing in a professional anyway.

A professional floor polishing service will leave your floor shiny and attractive, allowing you to relax and enjoy your home. Contact a floor polishing service for additional information.