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Skip Bin Rental: What's in It for the Environment?

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Skip bin hire companies present their clients with the opportunity to remove waste from their properties in a convenient manner. What basically happens is that the client orders for delivery of a skip bin to their property, and the bin is picked up on a specified date and time when the bin renter is done using it.

But skip bin rental service is more than just an expedient way of disposing of waste from various properties. It also plays a key role in ensuring that the natural environment is better taken care of. Here are some of the environmental benefits associated with hiring of skip bins as a waste disposal strategy. 

Keeping hazardous substances out of the environment

Generally speaking, skip bin providers do not allow their clients to put all sort of waste inside the bins rented out. Usually, they will include a list of waste items that are acceptable and those that are not acceptable as part of the terms and conditions of service, so that bin users can use the bins correctly. Acceptable waste are categorised into general waste, green waste, construction waste, and so on, and waste bins for each of these types of waste come in different sizes. This way, clients can always get something that suits their requirements. 

By prohibiting the disposal of certain hazardous waste such as asbestos-containing building materials, lead paints, aerosol cans, etc. in skip bins, skip bin providers help ensure that the dangerous substances do not end up being deposited at landfills. As a matter of fact, most skip bin rental companies will not pick-up any bin containing hazardous materials, or they may impose hefty fines for the violation. This helps maintain a safe and healthy environment.

Facilitating the recycling process

Acceptable waste items can be further classified into two categories: recyclable waste and non-recyclable waste. Recyclable waste refers to waste materials such as wood, cardboard, plastics and metal that can be turned into new products by reprocessing, while the non-recyclable waste has no reuse value. By ensuring that different categories of waste items are not mixed up together in the same bin, skip bin rental firms ensure that recyclable items retain their reuse value as they are not contaminated by other waste items. 

Instead of being sent to the landfills for disposal, any recyclables will be transported to a recycling facility, where they will be given a new lease of life. This, in effect, reduces the need to mine for new raw materials, which minimises disruption of the physical landscape, release of harmful emissions and energy consumption.