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3 Day-To-Day Tricks To Preserve Immaculate Workplace Carpets Between Cleaning Sessions

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Carpets give your office a sprawling and comfortable feeling, but they can also get dirty if they aren't maintained well over time. While you probably have regular cleaners for your carpets, you'll want to find a way to ensure that your employees don't dirty them in between. Follow these day-to-day tricks to preserve immaculate workplace carpets between cleaning sessions.

Make Sure Entry Points Have Rugs So Employees Can Wipe Their Feet Before Getting In

One of the biggest culprits of dirty carpets is soiled shoes from outdoors because employees walk into the office from muddy roads, parks and other areas. Before employees get into the office, it's best to start a practice where they wipe and clean their shoes on entry point rugs. This ensures that the soiled layer is left outside without getting into your interior office premises. You can use these types of rugs at all entry points to minimise the possibility of dirt from outside getting into your office. These rugs will need to be replaced every so often because of the abuse they take from outside dirt.

Cover The Area Below Employee Seats With Large Plastic Chair Mats

Employees often sit at their desks and have lunch when they are hard at work, which means that they risk dropping all kinds of foods and drinks on your workplace carpets. While you can enforce a rule to have employees eat in nominated areas, sometimes they need to be around their desks in cases of emergencies. A good work-around is to cover the area below their seats with large plastic chair mats. This prevents food and drinks from directly falling on the carpet, while creating a surface that can be easily cleaned with a simple paper towel. 

Avoid Hauling Heavy Furniture And Machinery Over Your Carpets

Furniture and machinery in offices tend to gather dust and dirt at the bottom and can end up ruining your carpets if you constantly haul them around your workplace. Apart from dirtying your carpets, this hauling action could end up pulling at the carpet threads, which will eventually tear your carpets and destroy their immaculate appearance. Frayed carpets can also make it tougher for cleaners to do their job efficiently because the threads may start to wear out further. If you need to move furniture and machinery around in your office, consider using specialised equipment like trolleys and tarp.

Office cleaning is essential to ensure an immaculate working environment, but follow these day-to-day tricks to preserve spotless carpets for the rest of the time.