Nice and Clean: The Benefits of Using a Cleaning Service

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A handy guide for pressure cleaning your deck

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Decks require maintenance at one point or another, and this is particularly ideal for wood decks. Given their natural properties, wooden decks are vulnerable to surface mold, mildew and staining over time. So how can you make sure your deck is clean? Well, the best solution is to perform pressure cleaning using a pressure washer equipment. Their forceful pump and tight nozzle make pressure cleaning equipment jet water in a powerful spray, thus getting rid of the dirt and grime a lot more quickly and efficiently than when using a normal garden hose. Pressure cleaning your deck should be a fairly straightforward irrespective of your gardening experience. Nevertheless, prior to getting started, please spare a moment to read through this pressure cleaning guide.

Step 1

Despite their practical worth, pressure washers can cause injuries. Sturdy footwear, safety goggles and long pants are a must. Avoid putting on jewellery or loose clothing.

Step 2

Clear your deck completely by relocating all plant pots, furniture and ornaments.

Step 3

Use a broom to brush away any loose debris, like leaves and dust.

Step 4

Next, fill the soap dispenser of the pressure washer with a cleaning solution, which helps to loosen any embedded dirt on the deck.

Step 5

Connect the pressure washer equipment to the mains electricity supply, and switch it on in order to pressurize the system. Initially, set the pressure somewhat low. You can start at say 600 PSI and increase it from there as you deem fit. You need to make sure the pressure is enough to clean but not too much to cause any damage.

Step 6

Begin from about two feet off the deck surface. Employ a sweeping motion while following the grain of the wood to reduce any potential damage to the wood grains. When you are sweeping, there's a tendency for your arm to pivot; however, always resist it as much as you can. Try to maintain a level and consistent distance between the pressure washer and the surface of the deck.  

Step 7

Overlap the sections that you have finished washing with the sections that you are starting to clean. This tactic is known as feathering, and it helps avoid any noticeable remaining marks once you're done, often referred to as cleaning edges or hot spots.

Allow the deck to dry completely, which might take a day or two, before returning furniture, plant pots or ornaments to your sparkling, clean deck.