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5 Misconceptions About Removing Odours From Carpet

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Odours in your carpet can be extremely unpleasant, and whether your carpet smells like dog urine, mildew, old food or anything else, you probably want to remove those odours. That can be challenging, and there are a lot of misconceptions about the process. Here's a look at some of the myths about removing odours from carpet and the truth behind them.

1. Misconception: Fragrant Sprays Get Rid of Odours

Fragrant sprays cannot get rid of odours in carpets. They can only mask them. If you need to temporarily deal with an odour, a fragrant spray can help to hide it, but it isn't a long-term solution.

2. Misconception: Vinegar and Bleach Can Work

Theoretically, vinegar can neutralise odours, and bleach can kill the germs or bacteria that cause some odours. However, these solutions don't work that well on carpet odours. Even with white carpets, bleach causes discolouration, and vinegar can get the carpet overly wet, leading to mildew.

3. Misconception: You Should Scrub Stains That Are Causing Odours

You certainly should try to get rid of the stain that is linked to the odour, but you shouldn't necessarily scrub it. That can push the bacteria and debris deeper into the carpet. That can make the odour even worse. Instead, try to gently blot the stain to remove it. Use a carpet cleaning solution that promises to oxidise the odour—that can help.  

4. Misconception: If the Odour Is Gone, It Will Stay Gone

It would be nice if this misconception were true, but unfortunately, it isn't. If you smell the offending area whilst you are cleaning it, you may not smell the odour. In some cases, that means the odour is gone, but in other cases, it's just temporarily gone. It may resurface—on a hot day in particular.

5. Misconception: Professional Cleaners Can't Help

Actually getting your carpet professionally cleaned does more than just remove stains. It can also help with odours. Professional carpet cleaners use equipment that cleans deep into your carpet fibres. Whether they use a chemical-based dry method or a traditional shampooing method, they can extract dirt and mould spores that are ground into your carpet. That helps to eliminate odours and improves the air in your home. You may want to let the carpet cleaner know that you have spots or odours. That way, they can leave time to pretreat those areas.

To learn more about odour removal, contact a carpet cleaning company directly.