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Home Improvements to Aid Your Recently Diagnosed Asthmatic Child

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Getting a diagnosis of asthma for your child can be upsetting. It usually follows one or more attacks that have scared you all and may well have resulted in a trip to the local hospital emergency department. While it's a relief to know that asthma can be managed with medication, it's still a great worry.  Asthmatics can have a number of triggers inside and outside of the home. You won't be able to protect your child from all triggers, but you can make changes indoors to improve their home life and reduce the chance of an attack. Read on for more information. 

Choose the Right Flooring

Changing you home floor coverings is a great way to reduce the pollutants that trigger asthma. Carpets are a haven for dust and germs. Wood and laminate are a better choice. However, vinyl and ceramic tiling are excellent as they can both be kept clean by mopping.

Choose the Right Time to Clean

It's essential to reduce dust and allergens from your home by regular cleaning. However, vacuuming can trigger asthma as these particles are disturbed and launched into the air. Avoid vacuuming when your child is around. Ideally, you should clean the home when you know that your child will not be back for several hours. This gives the disturbed particles time to clear.

Choose the Right Mattress

Choose wooden or metal framed beds that can be cleaned easily. The fewer places you give dust mites to live the better. Avoid mattresses with inner springs as these have cavities where dust mites can gather. Choose a mattress with a solid core such as memory foam or latex. If you can't replace the mattress, opt for a hypoallergenic cover to create a barrier between the mattress and your child.

Keep Smoke Out

Children who live in smoky environments take on a significant amount of the nicotine exhaled around them. Studies suggest that for asthmatic children, this means more asthma attacks. Create a non-smoking home and ask visitors to smoke outside.

Limit the Areas Pets Can Go

Sadly, pet dander can be a big asthma trigger for some people. However, pets can also be a great comfort for children. If you want to keep a much-loved pet now your child has been diagnosed, limit the areas of the home where pets can go. Keep your child's bedroom area free from pets to create an allergy free space for your child to spend time.

Keep Furniture Clean

Like everything that has material and cavities, furniture can be a harbour for dust and allergens. A residential upholstery cleaning service will be able to give your furniture a more thorough clean than you can. Once they have done so, it will be easier for you to regularly vacuum the furniture to keep dust and allergens from building up. After a clean, limit the buildup of allergens by keeping pets off of the furniture.