Nice and Clean: The Benefits of Using a Cleaning Service

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Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Boat Sparkling

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Hiring a boat detailing company every time you want your boat to be cleaned can be very expensive. These costs can be reduced if you take on some of the cleaning tasks yourself so that you only hire professionals when your boat is excessively dirty after a long trip. Follow the tips below when cleaning your boat on your own.

Know the Dirt

It is important for you to understand the environment where you use or keep your boat so that you tweak the cleaning methods accordingly. For example, a boat that is stored in a yard close to an industrial complex is likely to be exposed to dirt which has absorbed chemicals and fumes from the nearby industries. Such dirt will be more damaging to the boat if it isn't cleaned off regularly. Make sure that you mix such dirt with a lubricant, such as soapy water, before you wipe it off the boat so that the abrasive contaminants don't damage the surface.

Understand the Material

You should select cleaning products and methods that are appropriate for the materials from which the different parts of your boat are made. For example, it may be unwise to use the same materials to clean hard plastics, such as polycarbonates, and softer plastics, such as vinyl. A product intended for hard plastics can cause soft plastics to crack or become cloudy. Matching the product or cleaning method to the material can avert such damage.

Make Wax Your Ally

You are likely to spend less time cleaning your boat if you devote sufficient time to waxing its surfaces. Don't be contented with waxing your boat once or twice each year. The wax coating usually deteriorates each time you use cleaning products on your boat. It is therefore wise to reapply a coat of wax more often, such as after every three cleaning sessions, so that dirt and grime are prevented from penetrating the finish of your boat.

Test the Product

It is common for blood stains to splash onto the upholstery of your boat when you are out fishing. Using common products, such as hydrogen peroxide, can help to remove these stains. However, some fabrics may be damaged by this product. It is therefore good to spot test the product on a hidden section of the fabric so that you confirm that your upholstery will not be damaged. Place a clean cloth beneath the stain before you apply the hydrogen peroxide so that any dirt underneath the blood stain doesn't seep to the surface of the fabric.