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Cleaning Services: 3 Hidden Dangers in Your Carpet

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While the carpet in your home may look clean, it could be hiding lots of nasty things which you cannot see. The best way to deal with this problems is to have your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company on a regular basis. Below is a guide to 3 hidden things which could be affecting your carpet and your health which carpet cleaning can neutralise.


High levels of humidity can create the perfect conditions for mould to grow on your carpet. As well as looking really bad, mould will also release spores which can trigger respiratory problems such as asthma. The detergents used by professional cleaning services are designed to destroy mould and to stop the spread of any spores. The heat generated by the steam cleaning process will also help to remove moisture from your carpet.

Dust Mites

Unfortunately, dust mites are a fact of life in many Australian homes. These microscopic creatures live in the dust which collects in soft furnishings. While the mites themselves pose little threat to your health and wellbeing, the excrement they leave behind them can trigger allergic reactions. Thankfully, if you hire a professional company to steam clean the carpets in your home, all of the dust mites will be eliminated. However, as time passes, the dust mites will begin to return so you may need to have your carpet steam cleaned on a periodic basis.

Allergens and Pollutants

Your carpet could be home to a number of different allergens such as pollen, dust, pet hair as well as pollutants such as lead. These things can become trapped in the fibres of your carpet. When this occurs, you may find that your health or the health of your family is affected. While these substances may appear dormant, that is not the case. Overtime someone walks on a carpet which has allergens or pollutants trapped in its fibres; these substances will be released into the air and inhaled by everyone in your household. The high powered vacuums used by professional cleaning companies can lift any allergens or pollutants from the fibres of your carpet which means that you and your family can breathe easily.

If you are interested in finding out more about the many benefits of hiring a cleaning company to maintain the carpets in your home, you should contact a local cleaning service who will be able to offer further help and advice.