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Two Tips to Follow if You Plan to Have Your Office Cleaned Whilst It's Being Renovated

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It's a good idea to continue to have your cleaners hoover, sanitise and dust your office whilst it's being renovated, as this will ensure that the final clean-up that is carried out after the renovations are finished won't take days to complete (and thus will not result in you having to wait several extra days to reopen the office). Below you will find two tips that you may want to follow in this situation.

Take steps to prevent the cleaners from coming into contact with any wet paint

If several of the surfaces in your office will be repainted (such as the walls, the reception desk, the skirting boards, etc.), then it is important to ensure that either you or the painters place signs near them that clearly indicate that these surfaces are still wet.

This will prevent the cleaners from ruining their uniforms by brushing up against or leaning on these wet areas and getting paint on their clothing; this, in turn, will save you from having to spend money on replacing these uniforms. Perhaps even more crucially, making sure that there are signs that point out which surfaces have wet paint on them will also stop your office cleaning staff from accidentally wiping off the new paint by attempting to clean these surfaces with wet cloths. This, too, should help you to skirt additional expenses, as you won't have to have any of the new paintwork patched up.

Make them aware of the need to protect the areas and items that they clean

It is important to clarify to the cleaners the things they may need to do after cleaning certain items and areas of the office to ensure that these objects and areas do not get harmed by the rest of the renovations. For example, whilst office cleaners do not usually need to open the storage compartments of filing cabinets or desks whilst they are working, unlocked cabinets or desk drawers will occasionally slide open if a cleaner moves the furniture itself around in order to hoover behind it or if they tilt it forwards whilst dusting the back end of it.

Under normal circumstances, leaving any cabinet doors or drawers ajar would not be a problem. However, if your cleaners leave any of these types of storage compartments open in this situation, the contents of these compartments (which may include very important client files and data about employees) may be destroyed or severely damaged by, for example, droplets of plaster or paint that land on them when the remaining renovations are performed. As such, it's essential to tell each of the cleaners that will be working in the office during the renovations to double-check that any drawers or cabinet doors that slide open during the cleaning activities are fully shut when they finish their shift.

Additionally, if the computers on the desks in your office have been covered with protective sheets to ensure that no renovation-related liquids (like paint) get on them, you must also make it clear to your cleaners that after they have removed these sheets and dusted the computers, they must put these sheets back on and make sure that every single part of these devices is shielded by this covering before they move onto their next task.

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