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Four Essential Maintenance Services from Your Body Corporate Property Cleaners

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Proper maintenance of the common property is essential for residential body corporate communities. Good practices will increase the value of the lots and promote the purchase of the units. Also, consistent management and upkeep will improve the longevity of the infrastructure, reducing the total costs of repairs and replacement. Here are the most important services that you should look for when hiring body corporate property cleaners.

Comprehensive Cleaning

The body corporate is responsible for keeping the communal areas in good condition. Shared property surfaces and features are often exposed to debris, dust and stains due to constant usage. If these surfaces are neglected, the aesthetic appeal of the entire property will be compromised. When choosing your professional cleaners, you should make certain that they have the resources for hard surface cleaning. 

You should also consider the specific properties of your surfaces. For example, if you have hard wooden areas, you might need a company with the capability to wax, buff and polish. If you have carpeted communal areas, a suitable cleaner should have steam cleaning equipment. Also, you should inquire about general cleaning capabilities, including window cleaning, pressure surface washing and detail cleaning before hire.

Graffiti Removal 

It is not uncommon for the external surfaces to get vandalised and sustain graffiti markings. This problem is common in busy urban and suburban areas. While the markings are on external parts of the property, they compromise the appeal of the building. They can also lower the value of the body corporate lots. Therefore, you should make certain that your selected professional cleaners can provide graffiti removal services. When hiring, it is advisable to ask about the techniques used for this task. Some methods damage and scar the walls, necessitating extensive refurbishment. 

Waste Bin Services

Managing the waste in large building complexes can be labour-intensive and time-consuming. Also, poor rubbish collection and disposal plans can lead to accumulation of garbage in the lots. This will compromise the health, safety and visual appeal of the complex. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a company which offers both cleaning and bin services. This integrated management will ensure that the collection and disposal processes are streamlined for optimal efficiency.

Garden Care

The body corporate is responsible for the upkeep of lawns and gardens in the communal areas of the developed property. These features are crucial for landscaping, so they should not be neglected. Most body corporate cleaning companies offer this surface. Consider choosing such a company instead of an independent landscaper for maximum property maintenance efficiency.